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Big Lottery Live and Learn Funding

Wed, 2009-01-28 20:06

Ballybeen Women's Centre is a member of the Women's Centres Regional Partnership which has received a Big Lottery grant of nearly £1 million under the Live and Learn funding programme.  This grant will be used to run the Women’s Centres Learning Partnership project that offer families and communities a chance to develop skills and improve their lifestyle.

The project will bring together 14 women’s organisations across Northern Ireland that will deliver a wide range of courses and programmes from ICT, Arts and Health to Aromatherapy and Stress Management. Women will be able to access specialist supports such as high quality and affordable childcare provision and one to one mentoring at the centres which will make the idea of education and learning a real possibility for many.

WCRP Chair Margaret Ward said: “There are a number of barriers that prevent women accessing education and gaining work such as lack of affordable childcare, poor confidence and self-esteem, the cost of courses and the lack of flexibility when it comes to the times they are held. The organisations involved in the project are well experienced and well placed to help women overcome these barriers.”

The WCRP said that it was anticipated that the project could reach over 9,000 women in Northern Ireland. All the beneficiaries will be recruited from the local communities where the women’s organisations are based. Waterside Women’s Centre Manager, Geraldine Compton said “The project aims to ensure that women are instilled with the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary for them to be able to take more control over their own lives.” Ballybeen Manager, Tanya Hughes also added “The project will allow women to achieve their full potential, improve their employability and participation in the labour market.” “Empowerment of women combined with recognition of the beneficial impact this will have on families and communities, is a central pillar running through the project” she concluded.