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BWC Annual Report 2014-2015

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Peace to Talk

The project aims to empower local women to build their capacity to participate in society, which is essential to building social capital and creating the conditions for a lasting, inclusive peace. The Project will equip the women with skills and the capacity to participate more in their communities and civil society and link empowerment with the process of peace in a society divided by conflict. This will include creating a collective understanding and building relationships across communities.  
This project will run over an 12 month period in the existing partners venues. 

Scoil na Fuiseoige

Greenway Women’s Centre

Footprints Women’s Centre

Ballybeen Women’s Centre

Project content: The project will encompace the following themes; Personal Development,
Mental Health, History & Cultures, Empowerment & Leadership Sessions, Family Intervention programmes, Social events, Discussion Events, Understanding Others, Positive thinking, Self-belief, Improving Communication and Assertiveness, Improving relations, Team building, Addressing Stereotypes, Hopes and fears, Dispelling myths, Understanding religion through multicultural art, dance, clothes, food and digital photography, visiting places of local historical interest, sessions with elected members. Collaborative working between all 5 centres.
Outcomes and Impact: Increased self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation to learn, understand, trust and accept oneselves and others,a change in sectarian attitudes and prejudices, promotion of tolerance and positive attitudinal changes, forged lasting relationships, regular contact, dialogue and reconciliation within communities,mutual respect and recognition of differences- beliefs, cultures, traditions.
Participants will have increased skills and knowledge to promote social and economic development, expanded the work completed in Phase 1 and continued to develop the confidence and capacity of local women. The long lasting impact of skilling women in the community is that this learning will be cascaded to future generations.