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Courses at BWC

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BWC Annual Report 2014-2015

Interested in reading the BWC Annual Report for 2014-2015? Click here for more information.

BWC Staff

Tanya Hughes Director
Gillian Stitt Health Projects Coordinator
Amanda Marshall Education and Training Coordinator
Janeen Tully Admin and Finance Manager
Anne Walker Outreach and Support Worker
Pauline McCune Administrative Support Worker
Linda Chambers Early Years Coordinator    
Clare Thompson Young People's Support Worker

Jenny Chapman Team Leader
Liz Rea Early Years Officer  
Nadia Brown Early Years Officer  
Stacey Thompson

Early Years Officer

Shirley-Anne Thompson Early Years Officer  
Sandra Boyles Early Years Officer  

Lesley-Anne McKeown Team Leader
Kelly Kincaid Early Years Officer  
Paula McWilliams Early Years Officer  
Alison Holt Early Years Officer  
Pre School    
Emma Reid Team Leader  
Joleen Floyd Early Years Officer  
Lynsey Kelly Early Years Officer  
Symone Hooley Special Education Needs Officer